Contacts: Dame Doris Sayegh  (909) 928-5873 | Adele Ain (909) 635-4015

The St joseph AACC Charity Group, in the past seven (7) years, managed to raise over a hundred thousand dollars to help many needy families and organizations in the Middle East. Thanks to the generous donors, friends, and members of our Church and Community. The funds helped many struggling families in Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine, and Iraq. These monies were raised from activities, such as Bingo, bake sale, raffles, and other activities during Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Valentine's Day. These events took place at both campuses with everyone having fun donating to their Mother Country. God bless everyone for putting a smile (and food) on someone else face. 

Many charities in the Middle East (whom you may be familiar with) have benefited from your donations and the hard work of the AACC Charity Committee. Average monetary donations have ranged from $2,000 to $5,000, to mention a few recipients;

Our lady of peace - Jordan, with an annual donation of $5,000.00

St Theresa Nones - Syria

مستشفي راهبات الصليب - لبنان

 مطعم الرحمه -  عمان 

and many more. 

We want to continue to benefit these groups in the Middle East and your donations are greatly appreciated. please reach out to Doris or Adele with any questions.